Week Fifteen

Florence Nightingale

As we go into week 15 of our home-schooling activities, I thought we could try one of out beloved, tried and tested craft activities that goes down a treat in the Firing Line Museum.

The craft I have chosen is to make your own historical figure! In the past we have tried Waterloo soldiers, modern day soldiers and Florence Nightingale style nurses to name a few! They look fantastic and can be used in all manner of ways. You don’t even have to stop at one, you could make a whole army even!

All you will need to do is print off the template below. Then research the figure you would like to make and use what ever you have to decorate your template to recreate that person. Some materials you could use are, colouring pencils or pens; coloured tissue paper or card or even other craft pieces you may have! If you are using scissors and glue, make sure you have a grown up around to help. Here is some inspiration to get you started and I will put the template below also.

Remember, we love to see what you create so please do share it to our social networks!

Good luck and have fun! 

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Good luck,

From the Education Team @ The Firing Line Museum 😊

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