Half Term Activity Six

Uncle Sam's Medal of Honor

Hold Your Own Medal Ceremony

We are almost at the end of our weekly half term activities and we are in a celebratory kind of mood!

After many weeks now of no school and all kinds of different types of tasks to keep us all occupied we thought one of the final things we could do would be to do some reward and recognition of all your hard work. One way of doing this in the Military forces would be to award medals!

Medals could be awarded for all different kinds of things such as bravery, long service and outstanding conduct. We thought this week you could make some medals of your own and award them to who ever you choose for things they may have done to help or please you in the past couple of weeks!

All you need to do is decorate the template below, cut it out and hold a ceremony to award all the deserving people in your home we have also included some pictures of real medals for inspiration 😊


Some reasons could be:

  • Best cook
  • Best board game player
  • Best dancer
  • Fastest runner
  • Best mum/dad/sister/brother

Don’t forget you can…

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Good luck, From the Education Team @ The Firing Line Museum 😊 p.s. any education specific questions or help please feel free to email us on education@cardiffcastlemuseum.org.uk