History of Agincourt

A Perfect Combination

Let me take you back with nostalgia to the 1980s. When I was younger I loved Sunday evenings. It was precious family time spent together before returning to school the next day. It was also the day that brought together two of my favourite EVER programmes; ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and ‘Antiques Roadshow’. As a history and animal lover, there was no better combination…

….so imagine my delight earlier this year when at work I discovered that Robert Hardy would be delivering a talk on the History of Agincourt as part of a fundraising event for the Firing Line Museum and imagine my surprise to discover that one of my favourite actors is in reality an international expert on the history of the longbow at Agincourt (1415).

In order to commemorate the 600th anniversary the Firing Line will be hosting a talk and dinner at the St David’s Hotel located in Cardiff Bay. The evening promises to be the perfect blend of an informed talk, dinner and (quite frankly) a television icon.

You too can be part of this event, which will take place on Tuesday 3rd November and includes a drinks reception, a two-course dinner and an intimate audience with Robert Hardy who will generously share his expert knowledge on this topic.

Tickets are selling fast but I am thrilled to be going to this popular event.