Staff and Volunteers

Jewels of the Firing Line

As Curator of the museum, I am often asked about what objects make our museum as special as it is.

Without a doubt, the collections that we hold here at the museum are irreplaceable, often aesthetically beautiful; always historically significant and always emanating power from their connection to Welsh soldiers and the contributions made by them throughout history. All of them absolute heroes.

However, we have something even more precious……our team of staff and volunteers.

Coming from a multitude of backgrounds (military, historical, customer service, universities) the Firing Line is privileged to employ a team of people whose enthusiasm, hard work and at times humour enables us to provide fantastic service to our public…whether it be providing information about family members via genealogical research; delivering Tommy Talks and Weapon Talks or just being there for a chat about the museum displays to make people feel welcome. We appreciate every last one of them.

This financial year has seen our best visitor numbers on record with 76,253 people visiting our museum since April 2015. That amounts to 362,638 since the museum first opened to the public in February 2010.

This just would not have been possible without those ‘jewels’… to all our staff and volunteers – and of course all of our visitors, we would like to say a massive…..