Week Two

This week, we have been looking at a crafty activity that again is nice and easy to do from home and engaging with an element of thrift and research to hit some skills also. The activity is making cardboard people and decorating them.

To start off you need to pick a character or role from history. This can be as specific or generic as you like. A more specific pick could elaborate the task a little and could be used in a role play style activity to expand on the research and work that has been done already.

Some generic character pics could be:

  • Soldier (any soldier from Roman to modern day)
  • Nurse (this is very relevant in the current climate. It could be expanded to look at how nurses/medical workers have become how they are today and could be a series of characters made)
  • Evacuee

Some specific choices could be:

  • The Queen
  • Florence Nightingale
  • A grand parent who may have served in some aspect of the war perhaps.

The idea is to research your subject and to recreate the character to decorate a cut out cardboard person to match what you have learnt about your subject. To do this I have included a template which can be used to cut out the correct shape (we recommend out of cardboard e.g. a cereal box) then decorating is down to you! This can either be with colours or perhaps sticking of art materials or even household items!

The prevailing skills to be used are research, using either technology, books or old photos etc. Other skills that can be incorporated can be problem solving; by selecting different household items to decorate the character, or by expanding the task to use the characters (once they are complete) to recreate an accomplishment in a role play activity.

I have included a template with this task sheet that can be printed and some pictures of previous examples we have made in the museum. This is a really fun and engaging task as we have found out in the past, but as always would love to hear your feedback!

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Good luck,

From the Education Team @ The Firing Line Museum 😊

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