Week One

This week, we have been looking at a role play style activity that’s easy to execute at home and very beneficial.

To start off with pick an event from history or a story perhaps (we shall provide some examples below). Then dependent on age (parentally guided for younger years and self-research for older children) research the event using whatever tools you have available e.g. books, the internet, even word of mouth. This is great practice of digital and research skills.

The next part of the challenge is to get the children to pick their favourite toys or using Lego for buildings etc and get them to recreate the event or their understanding of the event for you. This will show understanding and also will exercise their communicational skills.

It’s pretty simple but can be made more difficult for older children and easier for younger children, it can also be as long or as short as you like. The subject matter is also incredible flexible, from national history to sporting history or curriculum based History. Most importantly it’s fun and doesn’t really feel like learning!

We hope this helps and would love feedback or pics of how you all get on!

Good luck,

From the Education Team @ The Firing Line Museum

p.s. any questions or help please feel free to email us on education@cardiffcastlemuseum.org.uk


· Henry VIII and his 6 wives

· The story of Gellert the dog

· Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation

· What life was like for Children in the Blitz

· Wales winning a Grandslam in Rugby