Week Twelve

The Battle of Waterloo, June 18th 1815. Depicting Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington

This week sees us commemorate the Battle of Waterloo and in honour of this we have decided to do a Waterloo themed quiz!

The questions can be used to test prior knowledge or to go off and do some supervised/independent research.

The questions are just a start! If you can find any other interesting facts or pieces of information regarding the Battle of Waterloo, we would love to hear about them, please feel free to share! As always, we really hope you enjoy this task and also learn something new. (Answers below for helpers/checkers of work 😊) Goodluck!

  1. When was the battle of Waterloo fought?
  2. Where was the Battle of Waterloo fought?
  3. Which two countries fought in the Battle of Waterloo?
  4. Who commanded each army?
  5. What colour jackets did each side wear?
  6. How long did the battle last?
  7. Who won the Battle of Waterloo?
  8. What happened to the commander of the losing side after the battle?

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Good luck,

From the Education Team @ The Firing Line Museum 😊

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