Week Ten

Tank Castle Grounds

So here we are at week ten and we are still going strong with the activities!

This week we are going back to some good old-fashioned maths! Below are a few questions that can be printed and answered and we have also provided the answers to make it easy for the parents out there to check! This should keep you busy for a little while and keep those active minds ticking over. We hope you enjoy!

  1. If a Soldier’s uniform has 10 buttons on it, how many buttons does 6 uniforms have?
  2. If Field Hospital Ward A has 12 beds and it takes 1 nurse to look after 3 beds, how many nurses in total will it take to look after Ward A?
  3. A tank has a crew of 7 men, how many men will they need for 3 tanks?
  4. One tin of black polish will polish 100 boots, how many tins of polish will need to be ordered to polish 1000 boots?
  5. If a cavalry regiment has 300 men and they all have 1 horse each, how many legs (human and animal) will be marching in to battle?
  6. To launch an attack the regiment will need 4 armoured vehicles, 6 tanks, 12 Land Rovers’ and 20 ambulances, how many vehicles will there be all together?
  7. a) On day one a nurse uses 160 bandages, on day 2 she uses 250 and on day 3, 390 are used. How many are used all together over the 3 days?                                                                                     b) If the bandages come in boxes of 2000, how many are left over?
  8. It takes 3 mechanics to service 1 tank, how many mechanics will be needed to service a fleet of 48 tanks?

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Good luck,

From the Education Team @ The Firing Line Museum 😊

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  1. 60
  2. 4
  3. 21
  4. 10
  5. 1800
  6. 42
  7. a) 800 b) 1200
  8. 16