Week Nine

The Merry Ballads of the Olden Time

We have reached week nine of our home-schooling activities, and what a nine weeks it has been!

With talks of some schools going back as soon as next week, we will still be posting our regular activity weekly for the foreseeable future, for all those who are still unable to go to school,

This week we have devised a creative writing activity to give those imaginations a work-out! We will give a series of either sentences or pictures for inspiration. The idea will be to choose a picture or sentence and use it as a basis for a story. For example you could pic out an object from a picture and create a story about that or perhaps where it is set could be the premise for your story!

Here are our story starters for you:

  1. All was quiet on the museum floor as the last light was extinguished and the remaining staff made their way home. The long shadows cast over the exhibitions were strong and steadfast, like the Soldiers told about on the information boards. All was still, all was calm….and then it happened…

 2. what story is this picture telling?

3. The desk was a modern looking piece of furniture, made of light-coloured wood with chrome details. It fitted in well with the modern office setting in which it was placed. This is why the letter sitting inconspicuously upon the smooth wood stood out, much more than the other monotonous mail stacked in a neat regimented pile to the left of the intriguing letter. The mail stamp on it was dated 1941 and the details on the front were inky, smudged and illegible. The letter was sealed and had been for quite some time, today was the day its secrets were revealed for the first time in nearly 80 years…

4. What do you think may be the story behind this image?

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Good luck,

From the Education Team @ The Firing Line Museum 😊

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