Week Five

Funny Books for Boys and Girls

So for our activity this week, its back to the good old basics. Using the key below, we have created some maths questions based around the historically numerically based notion of Army personnel and how they are grouped. However instead of focusing on the classic Roman Centuries etc we are looking a little closer to home at the modern-day Divisions, Battalions and Brigades, some of which are home to our lovely museum!

 The task is simple, using the key below, the questions can be answered using a little bit of Maths and little bit of problem solving too to keep them busy for a while! For younger children who may want to try this, I recommend taking the zeros off the end of the main number until you reach a number your child is more confident working with. E.g. instead of using 600 Soldiers, perhaps try 60 or 6 depending which number is easier to use. The questions can be simplified too by just asking the main question or adjusting the number required to account for removing zeros as explained before. Using the pre-existing information feel free to make up some more questions of your own too!

(n.b. where as we try and be as accurate as possible some elements of this activity may have been rounded up, embellished or ranked accordingly to aid with the purpose of clarity and to help children in their endeavours to learn).

The answers will be revealed on Thursday!

Good luck and enjoy all.

A Division = 4 x Brigades

A Brigade = 4 x Battalions

A Battalion = 600 Soldiers

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Good luck,

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