We would like to thank the Army Museums Ogilby Trust for their funding towards this project.

We would like to thank the following veterans who kindly contributed to the content of this exhibition:

  • Alan Alford, MBE

  • Shaun Bannister

  • George Clegg

  • Anthony Garbutt

  • Martin Gardner

  • Chris Gibbons

  • James Gray

  • Stephen Hooper

  • Peter Jones

  • Steve Jones

  • Dai Keir

  • Hamish Macdonald, MBE

  • Lee Milward

  • Ian Moore, MBE

  • Tim Moore

  • Alan Richmond, OBE

We would like to thank Gareth Jones for his work on the oral histories, filming and editing of veteran videos.

We would like to thank Bernadette Gardner , Clare Parry and Sophie Woolgar for their work transcribing oral history interviews.

And we would like to thank the team at PollardsPrint for developing this online exhibition.

Please note that all unattributed quotes throughout the exhibition have come from Hamish MacDonald's 1991 diary.

All photographs and images in this exhibition are used with the consent of the owners and should not be distributed otherwise without prior permission.